Electrical, Optical and Hybrid Subsea Cables and Connectors

  • Breakout Moulds
  • Strain Terminations
  • Pressure Hull Glands and Outboard Systems
  • Electrical Penetrators Manned and Unmanned Systems
  • Hose Bundles, Cable Strength Member Bundles
  • Composite Cables
  • Steel Wire Armoured Cables
  • Surface Mateable Hybrid Coaxial Electrical Connectors (Metal Keyed)
  • Surface Mateable Coaxial Connectors (Metal and Rubber Keyed)
  • Surface Mateable High Density Electrical Connectors (Metal Keyed)
  • Fibre Optic Connectors and Penetrators
  • Environmental Electrical Connectors
  • Eexd, Eexde Explosion Proof Connectors (Underwater Mateable)
  • Underwater Mateable Electrical Connectors (Rubber Keyed)
  • Underwater Mateable Electrical Connectors (Metal Keyed)
  • 36kV Renewable Connector
  • PDH Power Distribution Hub
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  • Hydro Bond Electrical Testing Services
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Hydro Group Asia Pte Ltd. (Singapore)

Hydro Group Asia Pte Ltd was formed in 2012 to service markets across Asia and in particular, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. From its facilities in Singapore and in the UK, Hydro Group Asia (Singapore) design, manufacture, repair, test and certify a broad range of qualified subsea cable and cable systems, cable harnessing, subsea connectors, penetrators and terminations for the subsea Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Defence Industry.

Hydro Group Asia (Singapore) can help with most subsea cable / connector design and manufacture requirements. We have professional engineers, specialised equipment and purpose built facilities to design and manufacture a full range of harsh environment power cables and connectors.

Hydro Group Asia (Singapore) have vast experience in the design and manufacture of subsea cables and offer an on-location inspection and repair service in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and throughout Asia.

In support of our responsive delivery service to Asian markets, Hydro Group plc (UK) hold stock of common configurations of cable, subsea connectors and penetrators for immediate despatch. Hydro Group Asia (Singapore) can also design, manufacture and supply bespoke cable and connector solutions for any subsea or topside application.

Hydro Group plc holds certification approval

Certification: Hydro Group plc holds the certification approval to ISO 9001:2008 to design and manufacture subsea electrical and optical connectors, electrical pressure hull penetrators, associated subsea electrical cable terminations, installation of electrical and optical connectors, specialist underwater and harsh environment electrical and optical composite cables, tethers and umbilicals.